1.5M FLAT HDMI CABLE ( tangy orange )

1.5M FLAT HDMI CABLE ( tangy orange )
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Description : PCER colorful flat-type 1.4 HDMI cable
Design : Colorful
Connector : Gold Plated Pure Copper
Packing : Blister/Sealed Bag 
Available in : 1.5m to 10m


Suitable for short range 1080P High Speed Digital Signal Transmission for Audio and Video Transmission speed up to 10.2GB per second,Compliance with International HDMI 1.4 Standards

* High quality audio and video connection,uninterrupted signal

* Accommodated extremely to high-resolution crystal-clear digital video,multi chanel surround audio,and advanced control data

* 3D support for up to 1080P resolution,with Ethernet Channel

* Gold-plated pure copper connector,uninterrupted,supports resolution up to 4096x2160

* International quality,professional grade cable

* Recycle PVC jacket,high wear resistance yet flexibel